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  • Vocabulary Games

    Learn activities for teaching vocabulary, flashcards and phrases.
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With simple written instructions like this:

  1. Divide your class into two or more teams depending on the size of the class 
  2. Say a vocabulary word from your lesson 
  3. One student from each team races up to the board to write it 
  4. After they write it they say it 
  5. The first student to say it and write it correctly gets a point for their team 
  6. The other students seated can help them spell it correctly 
  7. Make sure that they correct any mistakes before sitting down

There are over 100 videos that show you how to teach and use various activities in your classroom. 


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  • Short & simple how-to's
  • A library of how-to videos
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  • Short simple bullet point written instructions
  • Forums


  • How to plan efficiently
  • How to organize your lessons
  • How to combine fun and learning
  • How to solve classroom problems
  • How to improve your students' behavior
  • How to get your students to pay attention
  • How to improve your students' English ability
  • How to make your classes more fun and interesting

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